Writing about science writing



Every day, at home, in an office, or (joy!) in the wild, I write about science.

It’s been that way for almost two decades now. Two decades in which I’ve gone through


Thankfully, it hasn’t yet become a chore. I still get a thrill from the discoveries I’m writing about,  the world I’m desscads of laptops (switching from PC to Mac midway), moved continents four times and begun raising a pair of natural history experiments of my own.

As the years have gone by, I’ve thought a little about what makes good science writing, and bad.  I’ve marveled at the wonderful, and cringed at the awful. Too often, I’ve yawned at the mediocre (some of it coming from my own keyboard, I will be the first to say.)

In this blog, I’m going to think about this topic a little more. I want to burrow through the sands of science writing, in books, magazines and online. Having worked for a while as a publisher of popular science books, and being the author of the odd book, I’m particularly interested in the kind of writing that stretches to tens of thousands of words and comes inside a pretty cover.

The goal isn’t really to carp, but to celebrate. There’s more than enough carping out there already. So welcome. The world of science writing isn’t as big or as wonderful as the world about science writers write (if you get my drift) but it’s still more fun than any other subject of journalism. And I don’t think it’s self-flattery to say that done well, it is important.

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