Serious brain strain

I’ve been writing about science for 20 years and imagined I had at least touched on most disciplines during that IMG_0656time, but this week has proven me wrong. The lovely folks at the ABC’s online science unit have set me a real challenge with news stories on two topics I have strained my brain to understand — quantum photonics, and radiocarbon dating in palaeontology as it relates to neanderthals.

The stories are both coming out next week, so I can’t say too much about them other than they have pushed to the limit my ability to explain in a few hundred words some seriously tricky concepts and a very large body of knowledge that just can’t be summarised very easily!

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3 thoughts on “Serious brain strain

  1. Ha, I photographed these same skulls in Brno last year while attending the ICS

    Oh and it sounds like you ran into my Dad in Botswana- Dr. Bruce Hargreaves, Smalll world 🙂
    John aka captnemo

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